Take a look at the reading project carried out by Ibeu Ilha Teen 3 students. Do you like reading? What about these books? Come on, leave a comment!



  1. nullBook Title:The

    Missing Coins
    My favorite character:Peter
    My opinion of the book:I think the book The Missin Coins it’s very terrible,because it’s boring.I don’t recommend.
    KIsses,Lady Gaguinhaaaaa

  2. The Wrong Man
    My book is interesting, it’s about Killers, my book is very cool.
    My favorite character is Steve Malone, he for the works police, he is a police agent, he’s wants to find the killer.
    I don’t like it because it’s about action.
    I recommend this book.


  3. Operation Janus

    Book title: The book title is “OPERATION JANUS”.
    My favorite character: My favorite character is Mr John Carstairs, because he’s a secret agent and he’s really cool.
    My opinion of the book: I think this book is awesome, because it has action and adventure. I like action books, they’re really intersting.

  4. Book title: OPERATION JANUS
    Genre: Adventure, Action
    My favorite charater: Vera
    My opinion of the book:I think this book is cool because it has action and adventure.


  5. Three folk talesBook title: Three Folk Tales
    My favorite character: Kiju
    My opnion oh the book: I think the cool book, a story of a woman who could not have children with her husband and wanted a doll. the book is very good I recommend.

  6. book title:the missing coins
    main character:Pete and Carla
    my opinion of the book:I think it’s terrible,boring and I don`t recomend it…it`s very boring.

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